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The prestigious Jefferson Award - given in recognition for outstanding public service, Certificate of Congressional Recognition, City of Houston Proclamations and Certificates, honors from civic and educational institutions, are among the many accolades Raúl Orlando Edwards has received in his over 35 years of community engagement. As satisfying as these are, his motivation was and continues to be, the betterment of our society - "Arts with Social Impact!" Below are selected comments and documents he has received.

"…tremendous enthusiasm, leadership and willingness to make our city a great place in which to live.”

Annise D. Parker, Mayor of the City of Houston, October 16, 2015

"Your dedication and unselfish example inspires us all, and is truly worthy of the respect, admiration and commendation of the United States Congress."

Sheila Jackson Lee, Member of Congress, Certificate of Congressional Recognition to Strictly Street Salsa, July 2018

"…Your generosity helps us continue the battle against blood cancer and provides hope for patients and their families…"

Elizabeth Weiss, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, 2010

"…proud of identity, history, languages…"

Olivia P. Tallet, Associated Press, The Washington Times, November 20, 2016


"Like their instructors, students also seem to know the value of the -  real thing"

Daphne Rozen, September 25, 2003

“Dance for the pleasure of enjoying the rhythm, keeping the traditions alive, enjoying the freedom of movement, promote healthy living and celebrate the African heritage that is found in all cities of Latinamerica…”

David Dorantes, La Voz de Houston, May 20, 2015

"…Gifts from friends like you help Hermann Park Conservancy continue its mission to maintain and improve the Park…"

Doreen Stoller, President, Hermann Park Conservancy, 2017

"…cultivates an atmosphere centered around tolerance, understanding and respect, to create a better society for all…"

Sylvester Turner, City of Houston Afro Latin Fest Proclamation, June 2018

"…exemplary team player quality that makes communities better, lives richer, and our city a great one."

Bill White, City of Houston Raul Orlando Edwards Day, January 2009

"…your participation in this event, helped contribute to its successful outcome, as we greatly surpassed every expectation for this inaugural event…"

Luciano Topi, President, Italy-America Chamber of Commerce of Texas, Inc, 2009



"…Your reputation as a Latin dance instructor precedes you…our students would be very interested in experiencing your talents…"

Cynthia Cupach, Houston Community College Central, 2004

"Your efforts make an enormous difference in the amount of and variety of foods we are able to distribute...You are truly impacting the lives of people in need."

Brian Greene, Houston Bank President and CEO, 2010

"...thank you once again for your ongoing willingness to contribute valuable volunteer hours...and the time and energy you donate to our Parkinson's community."

Anne Thobae, Executive Director, Houston Area Parkinson Society, 2013

"We appreciate your invaluable commitment as the 2009 Hispanic Wellness Committee advance the health and well-being of our community..."

Jonathan Lack, Executive Director, Houston Wellness Association, 2009

"Congratulations on being named one of Houston's ultimates."

Jeffrey D. Cohen, Editor, Houston Chronicle, 2007

"Your contribution will help make a difference to those impacted by the recent Earthquake and the Northeastern region of Japan..."

Shinji Takechi, Chairman, Japanese Association of Greater Houston (JAGH), 2011

"It is generous people like you that make it possible for us to do great things for our youth."

Jill Nilson, Director of Keys Olympics, 2002

"...for your outstanding contributions towards the 2000 Houston PREP Program."

Richard A. Aló, Executive Director, Center for Computational Science and Advanced Distributed Simulation, University of Houston-Downtown, 2000

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