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Raul Orlando Edwards’ innovative approach of presenting programs goes beyond the stage, finding its way in corporations and other institutions. Through captivating, fun and interesting ideas, he brings the message of cultural diversity, inclusion and tolerance to audiences at workplaces, classrooms, and public spaces. His vision centers on an interactive methodology where attendees are not only exposed to important content but are also participants and an integral part of the presentation. Breaking from traditional programs that as reported in Harvard Business Review (Jul 2016) and Forbes (Mar 2019), have proven in many cases to be ineffective and failed; his approach is built on a multi-sensorial concept focused on ensuring knowledge acquired and the central message of diversity, become an actual experience and not just mere information. The result: a dynamic, memorable and impactful human experience in cultural diversity – reinforcing the known fact that a diverse workplace is after all, a stronger workplace.

"Raul is an important example of what is possible artistically in our city and how cultural expression can break boundaries and connect communities."

Fleurette S. Fernando

MFA Director, MA Program in Arts Leadership

Instructional Assistant Professor

Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts

University of Houston

"Raul’s persona and his ability to create with originality and organizational acumen is, in my opinion, unsurpassed."

Mary Lee Webeck, Ph.D.

Holocaust and Genocide Education Endowed Chair

Holocaust Museum Houston 

"...outstanding vision of celebrating diversity and inclusion through the arts. His artistic and cultural work has made valuable contributions to the creation of a more comprehensive and inclusive definition of the Latino community in Houston." 

Dr. Bonnie A. Lucero

Director, Center for Latino Studies

Associate Professor of Latin American History

University of Houston-Downtown

"Raul is by far the best guest performer for our Diversity and Inclusion large corporate events. From accountants to lawyers, to consultants, everyone noted that he was by far the most educational performer on behalf of the Latinx culture."

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Senior Manager in Forensics and

Board Member of the Diversity Brave Committee and

Leader of the Houston Latino Inclusion Network

"Said presentation was well documented, clear, very didactic and the application of his advice will be very useful in the learning of our students."

Professor Ivanova de De León


Instituto Bern

Panama City, Republic of Panama

"...choreographed an employee dance...under the Hispanic Heritage Month festivities...for this dedication and dance instructor skill and abilities...Our performance was huge success."

Vivian Echavarry

Senior Staffing Officer

JPMorgan Chase

Thank you for the Salsa Presentation that was held for our company’s Hispanic Latin Diversity Network in the Western Gulf Claim Center in Houston, TX. We are so appreciative of the time you spent "...educating us on the history and culture of Salsa while engaging us in an interactive and fun environment...we are a diverse organization at Travelers, we support our employees learning and embracing other cultures.  I readily admit that most of us would never have known the history of Salsa if we had not attended your presentation. Conversations are still occurring and employees have shared they are still dancing utilizing the moves you taught us.  We look forward to you returning for another presentation once COVID is over.  
Lisa Palomba
Western Gulf Claim Center - Houston

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